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Welcome to “Learn The Colregs,” your all-in-one online resource for mastering the Collision Regulations (IRPCS) and buoyage systems.

First off, it’s crucial to realise that just reading the Colregs rules and going over flashcards might not be enough. This is especially true when you’re gearing up for important exams like an MCA exam or the RYA Yachtmaster certification.

These rules, known as the Collision Regulations at sea or the IRPCS, can be quite complex. They often pose challenges in both understanding and applying them in real-life situations at sea.

With this in mind, our resources have been specifically designed to help you in a more effective way.

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special mark - buoyage - lights and shapes

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Why Choose Learn The Colregs


Welcome to our platform, where we offer a wide array of flashcards covering various types of vessels. Each vessel type is accompanied by a set of questions, complemented by detailed answers, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of each topic.

Furthermore, we provide clear and concise explanations for every question. This approach not only assists users in identifying the correct answers but also significantly enhances their understanding of the underlying reasoning. This highly effective method ensures a grasp of the subject matter.

In summary, our resources are meticulously crafted to cater to diverse learning needs. It serves as a tool for those seeking to delve into maritime regulations, guaranteeing a thorough and comprehensive educational experience.


Put yourself in a boat or ship scenario. Our resource gives you clear steps for different situations. This hands-on approach is great for using rules in real life.

Plus, each example is based on real events. This helps you learn the rules and how to use them practically. It’s key for gaining the skills and confidence to handle tough boat or ship situations.

In a nutshell, our tool mixes theory with real-world experience. It’s crucial for anyone aiming to excel in safely operating boats and ships


Our resources make complex maritime rules easy to understand. First, we show each rule as it’s officially written. Then, we explain what these rules mean in real-life terms, making them easier to use. This important step connects the legal words with how they work in real life.

In short, our resource gives you a full understanding of maritime rules. It covers the rules as they are written, how to use them, and what they look like, making it a must-have for anyone in boat or ship navigation and safety.

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Improve your skills with our daily quizzes. Pick 20 random questions to test your knowledge. This way, you get a mix of different topics and a good check on what you know. It’s a great way to stay sharp and up-to-date.

The questions cover many topics, giving you a full look at your skills. You’ll not only see how much you know, but also learn new things and rules. This helps you keep learning all the time.

In short, our daily quizzes are a great tool for anyone wanting to know more about maritime rules. They’re a fun and effective way to keep learning and stay in the know.