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Collision Regulatons & Buoyage

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Collision Regulations & Buoyage

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Welcome to Learn The Colregs, your complete resource for mastering the collision regulations and buoyage! 

We understand that it’s not enough to just read through colregs rules and flashcards, especially when you’re preparing for something as vital as a MCA exam or RYA Yachtmaster certification.

These regulations, often referred to as the Collision Regulations at sea or the IRPCS, can be complex to understand and challenging to apply in real-life situations.

Thats where we can help. 


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Flashcards for every possible vessel and every possible aspect, questions and detailed answers for every one.

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Full detailed answers for every flashcard.


Animated buoyage flashcards, full detailed explanation. Every possible buoy with questions and answers.


Put yourself in a real life situation, answers with the correct actions to take.


Every rule broken down to what it says from the txt, to what this means to us and how it will look on a vessel from every aspect.

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